Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lovely Blog Award from a Lovely Blogger

I've had the pleasure, over the past few months, of getting to know the very talented Stacey Merrill of Artsnark's Artifacts. Recently, Stacey bestowed upon me this sweet blog award. Stacey and I met through an Etsy forum and we enjoy chatting and sharing ideas, inspiration and encouragement quite often. Do yourself a favor and take the time to visit Stacey's blog and the wonderful art in her Etsy shop.

In return, I will pass along this award to seven lovely blogs. It is never easy to choose seven from the vast number of blogs that set my heart a-flutter, but I shall obey the rules of the game :)

It would be time well spent to visit the lovely blogs of these fine artists:

Fannie Narte
Lisa Rivas
Pam Carriker
Kim Geiser
Aimee Dolich
Elizabeth Parsons
Kelly Jackson Brownlee


PCarriker said...

Thank you sweetie! You are such a wonderful friend and support. I appreciate you so much Nancy.

aimee said...

thank you for the honor, nancy! i've enjoyed getting to know you this year - best wishes for 2009 to you, your family and your wonderful art!

Ann's ART said...

Lovely work. I just added you as a favorite on etsy. Love it!

ArtSnark said...

So glad you've "played along" Nancy! Wishing you a FAB New Year!

Bev said...

I love each of these lovely ladies...and all their wonderful art!!! Happy New Year, Bevie

Flying Colors said...

Dearest Nancy thank you, thank you for this lovely award, you honor me so much!

I had not even realized this had happened with such a busy end of the year. I will try my best in following through, it wont be easy.

Have a great week and Happy new Year 2009!